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Get Into Golf: 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Golf

why kids should golf At the Oaks Course, we are a certified family friendly facility, and we love having the chance to share our knowledge of the game with up-and-coming young golfers. We hold various camps and clinics throughout the year so everyone in the family can Get Into Golf, and you can be sure that our camps focus on your child's well-being, by providing a safe & fun environment for them to grow as golfers and as people. Here are our top 5 reasons why kids should golf, and why it’s a great learning opportunity for both children and teenagers alike.

1. Golf is a Judge-Free Sport

One thing that sets golf apart from many other sports is the fact that there are no age limits. Playing the game well is solely dependent on your skill level rather than age or experience. Being on a golf course also encourages diverse social connections by placing men, women, and children all on the same level. The diversity found on a golf course exposes young golfers to a broader view of the world and all walks of life.

2. It’s a Minimal-Risk Game

Unlike many other contact sports, golf is a much safer choice for young children to pick up with a much smaller risk of physical injury. Not only does golf provide a great outlet for exercise, you can be assured that it’s a more harmless choice as well. One major difference in golf is that a player is really competing against him/herself. This teaches players to accept critiques from their peers and self-analyze in order to improve their skill level.

3. Learn How to Network

Another great and long-lasting benefit of playing golf are the friendships and connections that are made while playing alongside other golfers on the course. Many business and corporate outings include golf, and it’s a fantastic skill to have as your child or teen grows into adulthood. And having the necessary skills to be able to network and play well with others is just an added plus.

4. Use Your Manners

The game of golf has many rules and it’s one sport that demands a specific display of etiquette during play and while on the course. A child learning how to play golf will learn to respect the game in addition to learning a great deal of patience and how to overcome mistakes. A skill that’s beneficial for them to learn and carry out in daily life.

5. Enjoy the Moment

Many of our adolescents today value the skills and knowledge they can attain from technology, but don’t realize the real benefit of gathering with friends or companions to take part in a little friendly competition. Golf is a fantastic way to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the natural elements, while taking a break from the busy, fast-paced rhythm of the World Wide Web.

As you can see by these points of why kids should golf, taking up the game is truly beneficial for our youth for many reasons! Our camps at the Oaks Course are perfect for all juniors, no matter their skill level. Click here to see a full list and register for our upcoming Summer Camps and various clinics for juniors, which are offered year-round.

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