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Changing of the Seasons

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                It’s that time of year again; the weather is starting to turn cooler. I look forward to the changing of seasons each year because it always feels like a new beginning.  Anything is possible and each season brings tradition. We are almost to the celebration of the harvest and we at the Oaks Course are bringing our own traditions to the season.  We are doing hayrides, hot chocolate, putt-putt and more.

                  The fall season is full of opportunities to get together and celebrate our blessings. It’s a time to celebrate food and family recipes that have been passed down from one generation to another. It’s a time to remember the people who have gone before you and the impact they had in our lives and are still with us in spirit. We each have a memory that is forever etched in our hearts and minds.

                  Come to the Oaks Course Friday, October 27th and be a part of our traditions and blessings. We can paint your face, pumpkin and then play pumpkin bowling. Take a hayride on the course with a cup of hot chocolate, close your eyes and remember all the people that have walked these grounds since 1933. I don’t know, but I bet if you listen really closely you will hear whispers in the wind of loved ones and you just might hear whispers of some new ones.



Karens Corner Karen



     Karen Presley is the Hospitality Manager at the Oaks Golf Course, and has been a part of our team for many years. Karen and her culinary team work daily to help clients plan their parties in addition to preparing the delicious meals and refreshing beverage specials that we offer at Putters Restaurant

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