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Karen's Korner: Christmas Decorations at The Oaks Course

Greenery Platter

It is Christmas season at the Oaks Course! We host several holiday parties in the Champions Room during the holiday season and it’s always a challenge to decorate every year--keeping it fresh while adhering to a budget. We start planning a month ahead of time looking at Pinterest and other decorating sites to get some ideas, which is a good thing, but soon we find ourselves wandering off into decorating fantasy mode and “Boom” there goes the budget. Luckily, we refurbish and recycle just about anything creating new decorations for the clubhouse.

The Golf and Science Summer campers plant a garden with herbs, cucumbers and tomatoes every year at the Oaks Course. We recycled and refurbished one of the garden trellises as a greenery base for platters on our buffet. The trellis base will hold three different platters or one long one. Food always tastes better when it is too beautiful to eat. Using the leaves from an artificial tree and hot glued to the trellis, the project cost a whopping $7.00. Not too bad for a lovely addition to our buffet table.

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