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Karen's Corner: A Twist on Tuna

The wonderful thing about Georgia weather is if you are tired of it, the next day it will change. I don’t know about you but having all four seasons in a week can make you a little crazy. It makes it hard to decide what you would like to eat also. I like a hot bowl of soup with a cornbread muffin to warm up with when I am cold; I like something a little lighter when it warms up. The Oaks Course specializes in having the right dish for the right weather or occasion.

The perfect combination for this time of year is a cup of soup paired with a light sandwich, wrap or salad. When you think about tuna salad, try this recipe:

• Two pieces of naan bread (softer than pita bread) grilled or lightly toasted
• Tuna Salad
• Swiss cheese
• Dill pickles

Grill or toast the naan bread, place two (2) slices of Swiss cheese melted and dill pickle slices and top with 3-4 ounces of tuna salad. Great blend of flavors. This Oaks sandwich is a good mix of both. Now just add a bowl of heart healthy lentil soup and you have a meal sure to please whatever the weather.

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