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TURF TALK: Expanded Bermuda “Low Maintenance Areas”

Golfers may begin to notice as we get closer to summer, that areas of bermudagrass around tee boxes and other low traffic areas is not being mowed. These areas will be converted into “Low Maintenance Areas.” The golf course already features around 5 acres of these areas and our goal is to get to the 7-10 acre range, while paying close attention to pace of play and enjoyability. The less acres that we maintain at a high level allows us to pay more attention to playable areas while creating a visual contrast once areas are fully matured. These areas will be mowed 2-3 time per growing season at a height of 6 inches.

Turf Talk is brought to you by Oaks Course Superintendent, John Fields. Stay tuned for more about the turf of our course and additional information as we roll out this new blog series!

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