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Coach's Corner: November 2019

When it comes to playing the right equipment, it is very important to understand how you deliver the club into the ball. In this blog, I will be using the pitch shot as an example with the pictures below. Please keep in mind the technique used is still hitting the ball then the ground, not the ground first!
Looking at these two examples of professionals, I would like to point out two different deliveries into the ball. The player on the left is shallow into and past the ball. The player on the right is a lot steeper into the ball and the club stays lower past the ball.

When it comes to equipment, these players cannot use the same clubs. Mostly, the width of the sole will need to be different. The left player can use more of a narrow sole, but the player on the right will need a slightly wider sole to reduce the digging that a steep angle creates.

Most amateurs are steep and hit the ground behind the ball. I highly recommend a wedge with a wider sole to help reduce the dig so the club will glide along the ground and more focus on hitting ball, then ground.

Everyone should be fit for clubs, especially wedges, and when the club specs match what the player naturally does, they will see immediate improvement and contact.

If you are not sure if you are using the right equipment, you can always ask me. In a few minutes I will have you dialed into what you, as an individual, will need to get better.
-Coach Brad

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The Coaches Corner is brought to you by our Oaks Course Golf Pro, Brad Patton. Brad is the Lead Staff Instructor and PGA Assistant Golf Professional. He has real a passion for golf and instruction, and has been part of the Oaks Course team for several years.

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