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Coach’s Corner February 2020

Indoor Quarter Drill

Georgia weather is something special. One day it is 70 degrees and the next it cold and raining, or like today, snowing. This does not mean that you cannot work on your game inside, and this drill is perfect for you to practice impact!


All you need is a wedge, carpet and a quarter

We have all heard that you need to “hit down” to make the ball go up, but rarely do people do this with a basic chip shot. They try and help the ball in the air and flip their hands at the ball. When this happens, the best case is good contact with way too much loft. The worst case, and what happens most often, is hitting the shot fat or blading it across the green. It is very hard to be consistent with a flipping motion.

For this drill, place a quarter on the ground and practice your chipping motion, trying to hit the quarter across the room (advanced drill is trying to hit the quarter into a bucket). If you flip your hands at the quarter, you will pass the head of the club over top of the quarter, and if you are too steep, the quarter will not have much of a forward motion.

Picture2  Picture3

The left picture shows that the club head has been flipped and the shaft is leaning away from the target. The club passes over the quarter and it didn’t move. The right picture shows the shaft leaning forward with the leading edge of the club catching the quarter. This is the same impact that you want to have when chipping a golf ball.

If you can learn to chip a quarter off of the ground, chipping a ball will be a lot easier and much more consistent.

Hope this helps!
Coach Brad

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