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TURF TALK: Winter Projects

Winter is the time of year that the turfcare staff tackles projects that we otherwise could not get to during the growing season. These can range from tree work to small construction projects. Some projects that we have completed already this winter are:

  • Tree/Underbrush removal to the right of #8 green
  • Underbrush removal to the right of #12 tee complex
  • Detail mowing around all lake and creek banks

We have a few more projects that are either in progress or will begin in the next few weeks. These include

  • Subsurface drainage project behind #11 green (In Progress)
  • Subsurface drainage project behind and to the right of #17 green (In Progress)
  • Tree Removal to the right of #6 tee box
  • Bunker renovation #8,14,17 green

We plan to have all of these projects completed by the end of March, just in time for Masters week.

Turf Talk is brought to you by Oaks Course Superintendent, John Fields. Stay tuned for more about the turf of our course and additional information as we roll out this new blog series!

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