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Coach's Corner: September 2020

There are many things that separate the best players in the world from the general golfing public. Let’s state the first obvious one, no one is paying the majority of golfers to play and practice. Golf is most likely a past time and a hobby for you and you do not have the time or resources to devote like the elite do. The second thing is how strong their mental game is.

I would like you to take a second and look over the multiplication table below. After you look over it, think about what you see before you read on.

9x1= 9 9x6= 54
9x2= 18 9x7= 63
9x3= 20 9x8= 72
9x4= 36 9x9= 81
9x5= 45 9x10= 90

I hope that you took some time and studied the chart before you read on. If not, please go back before you continue.

When you looked over the basic multiplication table, you should have picked up on the mistake. I do know that 9x3= 27, not 20, and I am sure that you know that as well. That should have stuck out to you and you may have focused on that.
The point of this and how this should change how you think about golf is as follows…Did you give me credit for getting 9 out of 10 right, or did you focus on that one mistake
What we need to do as golfers, is praise all the good, acknowledge the mistake, but focus on all the positive. Golfers are way too hard on themselves and the mistakes they make and do not think about all the positives.

Most people will remember Bubba Watson's incredible hook out of the trees at Augusta that lead him to win the masters. That shot is shown a lot as well as a ton of other recovery shots that other pros have hit. Rarely does any talk about the terrible shot that put the pro into that position. Bubba was 40-50 yards off the center of the fairway, deep in the wood on the right. TERRIBLE TEE SHOT! But the focus in on the recovery.

I ask you that you try and not get angry, and perseverate on the bad shots, but praise yourself on the good. Remember this game should be fun and relaxing. Try to laugh more than you swing!

The Coaches Corner is brought to you by our Oaks Course Golf Pro, Brad Patton. Brad is the Lead Staff Instructor and PGA Assistant Golf Professional. He has real a passion for golf and instruction and has been part of the Oaks Course team for several years.

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