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Coach's Corner: January 2020

How to play your best in cold weather

Most golfers know that the ball does not fly as far when it is cold because the ball does not compress the same amount and the air is denser. Both conditions will result in shorter carry distance. There is a lot of focus on how the weather can affect the performance of the ball, but I wanted to fill you in on another reason that the ball does not fly as far, and that reason is YOU! You the golfer, and what you are wearing, to be more specific.

When it is cold, we wear coats or jackets, dress in layers and do everything in our power to stay as warm as possible. This will reduce the golfer’s ability to rotate and create speed in the swing. Also, it is simply harder to more as quickly when we are cold.

Understanding that the ball will not fly as far in the cold, take an extra second to select the right club. In the summer, the shot might call for a 7 iron, but the same shot in the winter might be a 5 iron. Do not make the mistake of selecting the same club that you would hit on a warm day from a certain distance and hit that same club on a cold day.

Winter golf, in my opinion, brings out the true golfer. The golfer that can think and plan their shot. Try different clubs in different situations, take a lot more club than you think you would need and smooth your tempo. If the shot calls for a 9 iron, try a smooth 7. If it calls for a 5 iron, try a 3 hybrid.

This winter try different things and BE CREATIVE!

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