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The Ball That Won It All

Bridgestone Ball Wins 2019 Masters

From The Oaks Course

The home of Bridgestone Golf is located in Covington, Georgia just a few miles from The Oaks Course. Our bond with Bridgestone runs deep. Little known fact that in 1991 the parent company, located in Japan, wanted to add a testing facility to the manufacturing plant. They contracted with our owner, Dick Schulz and Jay Lanners, the first General Manager of Sunbelt Builders, to design and build the facility. This was no simple feat. Every design and change order had to be approved in Japan. Now you may recall that the fax machine was a new invention in the early 1990's, but it still took 4 hours to send a fax all the way to Japan and another 4 hours to receive the fax. After several iterations a final design was approved and the project completed. Fast forward twenty eight years, Bridgestone, a leader in ball fitting technology, manufactured and tested the ball that Tiger used to win the 2019 Masters. 

Tiger's win was one for the ages and we celebrate his accomplishment. We are equally proud of his partnership with Bridgestone Golf. Stop by The Oaks Course golf shop and try the best ball for your game--we have quite a selection. If you want the ball Tiger uses, the BXS, we ordered extras!!

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