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Drive, Chip and Putt Event

Exciting New Event!

                  On Saturday April 17th, 2021, The Oaks Course will be hosting the first annual Drive, Chip, and Putt event to benefit The Horace J. Johnson, Jr. Beyond the Bar Scholarship Foundation. This event will be open to any age, and more importantly, will benefit a fantastic cause. We encourage everyone to register and to participate.

              Like the Drive, Chip, and Putt that is televised from Augusta National, the scoring will be the same, but this is open to all ages. The details of the scoring will be as follows.


  • The fairway will be 40 yards wide and to count the drive, the ball must be in the fairway
  • Each participant will hit 3 drives
  • Take the longest drive that is inbounds and the player with the longest drive will win that discipline
  • The winner will receive 10 pts, second 9 pts, third 8 pts, fourth 7 pts, fifth 6 pts, sixth + 3 pts.
  • If none of the drives are in bounds then the player will receive no pts.


  • Each participant will hit 3 chips from a distance of 10-15 yards
  • Each shot will be measured from the center of the hole and the 3 distances will be added together
  • The participant that has the shortest total distance to the hole will win this discipline
  • The total point scale will be the same as with the drive


  • Each participant will hit 1 putt from 6’, 1 putt from 15’, and 1 putt from 30’
  • Each shot will be measured from the center of the hole and the 3 distances will be added together
  • The participant that has the shortest total distance to the hole will win this discipline
  • The total point scale will be the same as with the drive

All of the points that have been earned from each discipline will be added together to determine the overall winner as well as how each person placed. If driving is not a strong point of your game, you can still win if you can putt and chip. Do not let a weakness in your game hold you back from competing. There are a lot of ways to earn total points as well as the possibility of winning one of the disciplines. Remember that this is for a great cause and will be a ton of fun. 

              To signup for this event contact Tyler Carey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him at (706) 945-5298

Coach's Corner: Winter 2021

Chipping Low Point

Seems that this time of year the ground is a little wetter. It rains a lot, and the sun is not out long enough to dry the ground. This can create some embarrassing shots around the greens. What should be a simple, straightforward chip can lead to bad chunks and the dreaded skull. 
What I am about to share with you might be different than what you have been taught or what you think you should do. It is not that some of you are wrong, just that you are not doing it the right way. I hope that the following information will help with your understanding and your consistency around the greens. Like all great journeys, it starts from the beginning.
If you know it or not, the success of your shot happened at your setup. It will set you up for success, then the likelihood that you will hit the ball first then the ground, goes up. Look at the two pictures below.
cc chippingpoint1cc chippingpoint2

To hit a good chip shot, I agree, that there should be some weight forward onto the lead side, but how you go about it is probably wrong.
The picture on the left shows what I see a lot with poor chippers. The weight is forward, but it got there but the lead hip pushing forward. That will drop the right shoulder down and the head back. The yellow arrow shows where the low point is set/ behind the ball. The grip of the club is leaned too far forward, and all the bounce is taken off the club, making the leading edge very sharp and easy for you to dig and chunk. You are set-up for a bad shot.
On the right, the lead shoulder lowered, and the feel is that the hips went away from the target a bit to counterbalance this. Now the weight is on the left, the shoulders are level, and look at the yellow arrow now. You have the low point, or where the club wants to hit the ground, set slightly ahead of the ball. The shaft is still slightly leaned forward, but the bounce is still engaged making it easier for you to glide the club along the ground.
I know that this may seem different than what you have been taught, or different than what you think you need to do, but this is how all great chippers setup and there is a reason why they are that good. They setup for success.

Coach's Corner: January 2020

How to play your best in cold weather

Most golfers know that the ball does not fly as far when it is cold because the ball does not compress the same amount and the air is denser. Both conditions will result in shorter carry distance. There is a lot of focus on how the weather can affect the performance of the ball, but I wanted to fill you in on another reason that the ball does not fly as far, and that reason is YOU! You the golfer, and what you are wearing, to be more specific.

When it is cold, we wear coats or jackets, dress in layers and do everything in our power to stay as warm as possible. This will reduce the golfer’s ability to rotate and create speed in the swing. Also, it is simply harder to more as quickly when we are cold.

Understanding that the ball will not fly as far in the cold, take an extra second to select the right club. In the summer, the shot might call for a 7 iron, but the same shot in the winter might be a 5 iron. Do not make the mistake of selecting the same club that you would hit on a warm day from a certain distance and hit that same club on a cold day.

Winter golf, in my opinion, brings out the true golfer. The golfer that can think and plan their shot. Try different clubs in different situations, take a lot more club than you think you would need and smooth your tempo. If the shot calls for a 9 iron, try a smooth 7. If it calls for a 5 iron, try a 3 hybrid.

This winter try different things and BE CREATIVE!

TURF TALK: Colten Beattie

Welcome Colten Beattie to The Oaks Course

IMG 1186

Colten started playing golf when he was 12 years old, and instantly grew a passion for the game. His first job on a golf course was a cart attendant position at Butternut Creek Golf Course; the local course in Blairsville, Georgia. At 16, he made the switch to golf course maintenance, and knew right away that was his destiny. A Bachelor’s of Science graduate of the University of Georgia turfgrass management program, Colten brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Working internships at the UGA course, Colleton River Course and even Augusta National prepared him for Assistant Superintendent positions at Marietta Country Club and The Creek Club at Reynolds Plantation. Colten’s excited to be a part of the Oaks Course family. He recently remarked “ I am truly honored to be a part of this community of individuals who care deeply for the game of golf. I hope to take the knowledge I have gained through the years, and use it to enhance the member and guest experience at The Oaks Course.”

Karen's Korner: Are you ready for 2021?

Are you ready for 2021?

Hopefully, everyone is getting through this pandemic healthy. While, most of us are eagerly awaiting 2021, The Oaks Course staff is busy getting ready for the holiday gatherings remaining in 2020. We are thankful for each day and care deeply about each person that has been affected by this virus. Our team at the Oaks is practicing social distancing, following the CDC guidelines and looking forward to seeing you.
No need to wait until 2021, come out and visit us now. We can host your holiday parties, meetings, breakfast and lunch events. We give you our promise to follow all guidelines and give you the opportunity to see your friends, family and co-workers. Call us today to schedule your event at
770-786-3801, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit https://www.golfoaks.com/food-beverage/events-planner

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